Hello there,

this is not just another relaunch. keinerspieltmitmir.de was merely a setback.

Enough quotes. This is relaunch of my website. This is my new blog and it is all about databases, business intelligence, data warehousing and programming.

Since my job is all about databases and data warehousing there will be a focus on such topics. But i also plan to do little programs or scripts that help me in my daily job life. Don't hesitate to email me if you feel a certain topic should be mentioned or discussed.

This relaunch includes the use of #hashtags that shall help you to look old posts up. On top of this blog you will always find a list of the most used hashtags. Later on you will be able to look arbitrary hashtags up.

Old posts can be found under "Archive" but be warned they may be badly formated since i changed a few things.

Projects i ....

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